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Boone Rings (www.boonerings.com)

Another place I’ve had great dealings with is Boone Rings (www.boonerings.com). He’ll make you whatever you want. If you can describe it, draw it, or provide a picture of what you’re wanting, he will make it for you. He generally works in either 6Al-4V or 8-1-1 Titanium (your choice…8-1-1 costs a bit more).

Here are a couple of rings he’s made for me. The first one is size 11 and is for sale for $175 shipped. The second one is 11.5 and is not for sale. 🙂

Steel Flame Jewelry (www.steelflame.com)

9mm Killbox on Talon chain

Most of these items are not mine and are borrowed from friends to review the items.

Steel Flame makes a lot of really nice jewelry that is geared…well…I don’t really know who it’s geared toward. The main people I’ve seen wear their stuff is movie stars and a bunch of wannabe poser mall ninjas on a certain forum that think they’re movie stars. 🙂 I have bought a Killbox from them a while back and they are really great folks to deal with. They are very kind and generous (Derrick and Leonard)…I’ve read numerous stories about their kindness towards others.

Steel Flame Crusader clasp on one of MY bracelets.

Their items are extremely high quality. I’m not sure I can really explain why…it’s probably something you’ll have to experience for yourself. But the first time you pick up one of their pieces, you’ll understand what I mean.

Steel Flame Guillotine bracelet with Crusader clasp

Recently, Steel Flame designed their “Dog Paw Cross” pendant. It is a beautiful way to memorialize a departed pup. The front shows the cross with dog paw at the top and the back is a beautifully sculpted pair of angelic wings. They can also engrave your dog’s name on the side of the pendant. It is a beautiful piece and a very comforting, loving tribute to your pet.

Steel Flame Dog Paw Cross - A very nice way to memorailize your dog

A lot of jewelry places produce junk. That’s the bottom line…their pieces are hollow or cast using as little gold or silver as possible. Steel Flame’s pieces are SOLID. They’re very hefty. When you wear something they made, you KNOW you’re wearing it. The links in their bracelets are solid silver and/or bronze…not hollow links you might find elsewhere. Same with their pendants…nice and solid.

Steel Flame "Darkness" lanyard attachment