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Jig Pro Shop on amazon are a bunch of asshole cocksuckers

These shitheads had a titanium fid advertised as BEING AVAILABLE FOR SALE ON AMAZON and I placed an order for it.

So they couldn’t be bothered to tell me this shit yesterday when I placed the order, so today they finally send me a message through amazon saying it wasn’t available and “oops”.  No, shitheads…you can take your “sorry” bullshit and shove it up your ass.  Those fuckers CANCELED MY FUCKING ORDER and then told me to go buy shit from their cocksucking piece of shit WEBSITE.  Well GUESS WHAT, ASSHOLE???  Your fucking WEBSITE ONLY has dumbshit “rainbow anodized” fucking fids that look like shit and you charge an extra $15 for it to look like that.  I am NOT INTERESTED in the rainbow-brite anodized bullshit you are selling on your website.  I wanted a regular, plain, NON FLAME COLORED TITANIUM FID!!!  I ALSO wanted to buy it through AMAZON so I could use my AMAZON STORE CARD to pay for it.  I am sure you fucktards do not accept AMAZON STORE CARDS FOR PAYMENT THROUGH YOUR WEBSITE NOW DO YOU?????  FUCKING ASS WORTHLESS PIECES OF SHIT!!!!!!!

God, I cannot tell you how much I hate shitheads like these fuckwads…Someone needs to round up all these shitfucks off of amazon and ban them from selling there FOREVER.  If they can’t be bothered to keep accurate inventory on there, then they don’t need to be selling there EVER AGAIN.


Christian Slater on Conan tonight and his “skydiving” story…

Whatever dumbass idiot helped him with his apparent attempt at a “first jump story” — abysmal fail.

That is all.

(For the record, I think he is a decent actor…but that first jump story…wow…horrible…that’s not on him — that’s on the idiots that trained him…)