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Thought I might list all the things I am thankful of right now…

1. …my family and friends. They are the dearest things to me in the world.

2. …the kind folks that have purchased my hand-made Titanium items in the past and the ones that will in the future.

3. …that I am safely back in the United States……..for now…

4. Finally, I am extremely thankful that I am NOT a member of the stupid “jerzeedevil” forum, nor the stupid “usual suspect network” forum (and the idiot-run “edc forum” also, but I’ve been off of there for a LONG time…). All are collosal wastes of time with a membership consisting largely of posers, pogues, mall-ninjas, chairborne rangers, and arrogant, ignorant know-it-alls that spout off things of which they haven’t a clue as if they are a friggin’ AUTHORITY on the subject. I HATE those people and am EXTREMELY THANKFUL not to be associating with them anymore. I feel so much cleaner now, not having to deal with idiots like that.

5/32″ Titanium Bias Weave Chain

Another pic of the16ga 5/32" Bias Weave Chain - $90 shipped within the USA

16ga 5/32" Bias Weave Chain - $90 shipped within the USA


Titanium Q-Rings - two different versions shown

Nice little place on the web that sells some pretty cool items, including Steel Flame jewelry pieces.

Bottom Q-Ring has glow-powder epoxy instead of tritium

One of the neat things they’ve designed and produced are called “Q-rings”…they are separable keyrings made from Titanium and that have small tritium tubes installed for locating your keys in the dark. Great little keyrings! I have two of them!

Rick Hinderer (www.RickHindererKnives.com)

Rick Hinderer makes the most awesome folding knives I’ve ever seen. I used to have a Strider SnG and sold it after receiving my Hinderer XM-18 — it is that good. The lockup is solid and centered well…it “locks up like a bank vault”, which is what I’d read about it before ordering it. I do not forsee ever needing another folding knife and to that end, have ended up selling off almost every folding knife I had.

Hinderer XM-18

Being a soldier, I was fortunate to be able to order from Mr. Hinderer directly prior to my deployment to Iraq. He is so swamped that he will only sell directly to verified active military members and law enforcement officers. I truly appreciate that he does this…I took my ACU camo scaled XM-18 with me to Iraq and carried it every time I went outside our camp and when I was not at work. Due to our duty positions, we were not allowed to have knives (or cell phones, cameras, etc.) in our work area.

Hinderer XM-18

Hinderer XM-18

Rick also makes awesome pens. I used to have a Deluxe Kubaton/Pen set, but sold it. I still have a Kubaton, a full-size Titanium pen, and an Investigator pen. The Investigator pen is the one I carry most often because it fits in the pen slots on my ACUs. It and the full-size pen (and kubaton, of course) are all very effective self-defense tools, in trained/skilled hands.

Hinderer Deluxe Titanium Pen/Kubaton Set

Peter Atwood (AtwoodKnives.blogspot.com)

Peter Atwood makes great little tools out of premium cutlery steel and Titanium. I have been fortunate to obtain a small handful of his wares. I think my favorite is the “Prybaby”…I have one that was made quite a few years ago that has a spanner cut into it to adjust Strider folding knife pivots.

From left to right - Atwood Nibble, PerfBaby, and SpannerBaby

He also makes really cool machined beads (“Lanslides”)…I have one in Teflon and one in Titanium. Sure wish I could get some more. They work great for lanyards.

Teflon Lanslide, Titanium green Lanslide, and a third bead by another maker

Atwood DLC WildCard

His latest item is called the ‘Roid Rench…it is a Prybaby made of almost 1/4″ thick stock! They are huge! My other one is made of about 3/16″ stock and the difference is huge…also, the steel he used on these new ones is CPM 3V and MUCH tougher than previous steels due to the heat treatment he did with these (Rockwell 57-59).

G3 PryBaby atop a G5 "Roid Rench" version for thickness comparison

G5 "Roid Rench", top...G3 PryBaby, bottom

Anyway, great stuff from a gentleman. He is a pleasure to deal with and has all sorts of great ideas. I admire him for his ability to create these items from his ideas. Here are some pics of items I have or have had in the past:

Atwood RingLeader

Atwood Son of PryThing (SOPT)

Atwood Mini Son of PryThing (DLC coated)

Atwood Big Shot prototype (Yes, it is mine...no, it is not for sale.)


Welcome to TitaniumWorx!

Hello! Thanks for stopping by my webpage.

I am an OIF Veteran and I enjoy hand-crafting chainmaille jewelry. If you’d like to see pics of some of my recent work, please check out my gallery. If you like what you see, please let me know by clicking on the comment link here — I’d be very happy to work with you to make a custom piece that is uniquely yours. Don’t forget to include a way to contact you (preferably email). I do not keep a list of any sort…email addresses are *only* used to contact you about your custom item. Once you receive your item and are happy with it, I will not email you again. I hate spam and do not do that to folks.

Here is a youtube video review from a fellow that bought one of my wallet chains…

An example of a flame-colored 3-in-3 Titanium wallet chain.

Soon, I will also begin posting reviews of items I’ve received to evaluate. I have an interest in all sorts of gadgets and military gear, so if you do too you’ll want to bookmark this page and check it frequently. 🙂

If you’d like to read more about me and my chainmaille work, please check out this page.

Here are a couple of Pinterest pages I’ve set up to show my work…
TitaniumWorx Pinterest page
ParacordZone Pinterest page

Thanks again for looking. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Amsler Knives (http://www.AmslerKnives.com)

I just received a really neat, little (and I mean LITTLE!) Titanium neck knife from “photorob” on www.cpfmarketplace.com. He’s a great fellow to deal with and I am very happy with the transaction and especially with his workmanship on this knife!

His website is http://www.amslerknives.com. You can see a lot of his work there.

I’ve received his permission to use his pics, so will post them here…his pics are a lot better than mine would be. All pics are courtesy of Amsler Knives.

Knife shown here in adult hand for size comparison.

The knife is about 5″ long overall and the cutting surface is 2″. The blade is the “tanto” type. The pin and lanyard bushing are also solid Titanium and are anodized to match the finish on the blade. On the one I got, the blade has a brushed teal green and bronze finish. It’s just beautiful.

My knife is the one on top here...

The scales on this one are ACU camouflage pattern G10…the manufacturer of this type G10 calls it “digital camo”, but it is indeed ACU.

Shown here in low light...

There’s also a nice little black nylon lanyard tied to it with a matching teal green anodized Titanium bushing. It really compliments the knife very well.

The Kydex sheath is molded to assure a snug fit for the knife, but still be easily deployed quickly, if needed. He also incorporates a unique o-ring locking system for additional retention where rapid deployment may not be necessary. It is a very clever system. There are plenty of grommets installed in the sheath to allow various attachment methods. You could easily attach it to a Tek-lok fastener, for instance.

The Tritium tube is very bright!

Now, one of the scales is cut to fit a large Tritium tube and set with Norland 61 clear epoxy. The one on mine is white and you can read by it in complete darkness, if necessary. It looks great in low light hanging around your neck.

So, to conclude, this is a great little custom Titanium neck knife and his prices are quite reasonable for the work he puts into these.

Miniature versions of your military medal ribbons… (http://www.MiniatureMilitaryRibbons.net/)

This guy makes really nice miniature replicas of your military medal ribbons:

He’s sometimes a little hard to deal with, but the end result is worth it. The mini ribbons look great and are really well-made.

I also had some mini ribbons done at another place, but they were horrible to deal with. The guy on the phone was rude and indifferent about when I got my ribbons. Also, the reason I had to call them was because their website does NOT have all the attachments listed for each medal. For instance, you cannot add a campaign star to your Iraq Campaign Medal. I called them to ask them why and they used the excuse that they “haven’t updated their website yet”. Hey…guess what…it’s been like that for three years now. So no, I’m not buying it…literally. Their ribbons are also actual cloth, so you can’t get them wet. The ones from the link above are acrylic and are waterproof.

My acrylic ones from the link above have worn ok, I guess. I wear them on my hat and the paint has begun to come off in some places, so that’s a little disappointing. But overall, they are very nice. I think if I were to send it back to the guy with the paint coming off, he’d probably fix it, but I’ll wait until it looks pretty bad before trying to send it back. Right now, it doesn’t look too terrible…just noticable.

Colonel Littleton (www.colonellittleton.com)

I received one of their refillable “No. 9” leather journals as a gift to take on my deployment to Iraq. It really is a beautiful journal. It’s made of very nice leather and has a wonderful aroma to it.

I received the standard unlined journal (I don’t care for lines in my journals so I can make sketches and drawings in them), but they also offer the journal and refills in the lined version, fishing, and golf.

Another little thing they do is include a miniature moon pie with your order. I thought that was a nice touch.

The quality of their leather seems very nice, though it is not as heavy as the leather used by Saddleback Leather for their Moleskine covers…and Col. Littleton doesn’t offer any alternate colors for almost all their leather items, so that’s a shame. The journal I have is sort of a medium brown color…just slightly lighter than a football. Their other leather items on their web page look darker than my journal, but still no choice of color. You’re going to get whatever color leather they used to make the item at that particular time, I guess.

Their analogs of Saddleback’s items (such as the iPad cases, satchels, etc.) cost a lot more than even Saddleback’s items cost. If I were ever in a position to spend that much money on something like that, I think I’d go with Saddleback just for the 100-year warranty they offer as opposed to the Col. Littleton slightly ambiguous guarantee of, “a long, long time”.

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen the Col. Littleton bags in person. Being a soldier and with limited income, I cannot set aside enough money to save up for something that dear right now. If I ever get the chance to, I’ll check them out and see if the quality is on par with Saddleback and if so, will revise my review here. I do appreciate Col. Littleton’s attitude toward business and how they treat their customers. From reading their webpage and watching some of the videos, it looks like they’re a nice laid-back company and quite friendly.

Saddleback Leather (www.saddlebackleather.com)

Saddleback Leather "Large Bifold Wallet"

Saddleback Leather makes some of the highest quality leatherware I’ve ever seen. A long time ago, I purchased a medium briefcase in the chestnut color. It has worn beautifully over the years. Mine is so old, it was made with the (now optional) suede lining in the bag. It’s extremely classy, luxurious even…and has the wonderful smell of fine leather.

Saddleback Leather "Large Wallet" - Great for travel...took this one with me to Iraq and on R&R leave to London

They use the 4-5 ounce FULL GRAIN leather. This part of the hide is far superior to the “top grain” stuff their competitors use. What that means is the Saddleback briefcase will last for generations instead of a decade or less (the “others).

Their customer service is somewhat of an enigma. I’ve sent them questions before and received answers that appear as if the person responding hasn’t read my actual question and answered some other question instead. Also, their shipping is quite (VERY) slow. I was told it takes 2-3 days to ship something, even if it is in stock. To me, if it takes that long to ship something, that means the company needs to shut down taking orders for a while so they can catch up and ship packages the same day or day after they’re purchased -or- they need to hire more people to help with shipping. Heaven knows they make enough profit on the bags, they can DEFINITELY afford to do that.

And…their shipping is extremely high. I asked them if they could ship a very small wallet via USPS First Class or Priority Mail and they pulled the old “handling fee” line with me…they said they “have to use brown paper to properly package the wallet”…right…a wallet…a wallet that even they claim will last for generations is so delicate that it can’t be just put in a box and shipped? I mean, really? I’m not buying it…literally…I haven’t bought anything from them in years due to their extremely high-priced shipping. You pay the same amount for shipping whether you’re in Texas (where they ship from) or Washington state…even though shipping companies charge less to ship the closer you are to the origin. It’s just another way for them to pocket some extra cash and I DON’T appreciate that AT ALL.

Finally, if you live in the great state of Texas, you’re going to be charged sales tax. My recommendation if you live in TX is to try and find what you want second-hand. You’ll get it at a better price, no tax, and reasonable shipping.